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Unfortunately, injuries can occur in the course of many occupations. What constitutes an injury and whether it is compensable as a Workers’ Compensation claim are not always easy to discern. If you are not sure whether your injury qualifies for Workers’ Compensation, it is still important to inform your employer in writing that you’ve been injured within 30 days to protect your right to pursue the claim. Below are examples of interesting claims that were established at the New York Workers’ Compensation Board with our firm’s representation:

New York Workers’ Compensation for Flight Attendants:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from being in close proximity to gunshots while traveling on a bus from a hotel to airport during layover
  • Spinal injuries resulting from lifting baggage
  • Shoulder and neck injuries resulting from rough landing
  • Hip and leg injuries resulting from falling beverage cart during sudden turbulence
  • Arm injuries resulting from pulling items in aircraft galley

New York Workers’ Compensation for Construction Workers:

  • Site safety inspector suffered cardiac arrest while traveling on jobsite to obtain safety permits within time deadline
  • Spinal injuries and leg fracture resulting from fall from scaffolding
  • Severe arm lacerations with neuropathy resulting from contact with sharp metal flashing during fall on sloped, elevated surface
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome resulting from operation of heavy equipment and driving large trucks over the course of 15 years

New York Workers’ Compensation for Cooks and Restaurant Workers:

  • Severe burns and post-traumatic stress disorder from accidental submersion in cooking oil
  • Hand lacerations during kitchen preparation
  • Slips and falls in the kitchen

New York Workers’ Compensation for Office Workers:

  • Medical billing representative suffers spinal injuries resulting from repetitively sitting for long periods of time in defective chair
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome resulting from extensive, repetitive computer work over time
  • Slips, trips and falls at the workplace


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