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Hyundai is recalling the 2010-2016 Genesis Coupe to address a potential problem with its airbag system. Because the car debuted here as a 2010 model, the recall affects nearly every Genesis Coupe registered in the U.S.

The recall stems from a faulty wiring harness connector associated with the car’s occupant classification system, or OCS, the hardware that determines whether an adult passenger is traveling in the Coupe’s front seat. As National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents explain, “objects or debris placed under the front passenger seat can contact the OCS electrical connector. When the seat is moved, these items can interfere with the connector assembly and potentially dislodge the connector….”

The good news is, if that happens, the airbag warning light will illuminate on the instrument panel, letting drivers know that there’s a problem. Also, the airbag system won’t be completely deactivated, but will instead default to a safety setting that allows the Coupe’s first-stage frontal passenger airbag to deploy.

The bad news is, if a child is traveling in the front seat, the airbag will deploy, even though it shouldn’t. (Of course, you already know that, which is why you don’t put, say, child seats up front.)


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