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In 2012, Lissy McMahon seemed to be a healthy 42-year-old single mom raising her son Jack near Boston. An ultrasound revealed a fibroid in her uterus needed to be removed. Lissy decided to have surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York to be closer to family during recovery.

 But two years later, she started having severe back pain. “They found a huge tumor in the middle of my back,” she said.t was stage-4 cancer in the uterus, liver, and back. Lissy’s doctor delivered more devastating news.

“‘We reviewed the pathology slides from Lenox Hill and there was evidence of cancer on 10 out of 40 of the slides,'” she said the doctor told her. “I was honestly almost too in shock.”

Lissy wanted to sue the hospital but couldn’t because New York state Law requires claims of medical malpractice to be filed within 15 months after they occur.


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