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As Memorial Day passes and we honor the great sacrifice of the men and women of our armed forces who protect our life ,liberty and pursuit of happiness we face the grim reality of Corporate America which day after day needlessly endangers the safety of consumers. GM and other car makers place safety at the very bottom of their priorities. How many lives and injuries are enough sacrifice before this Corporate misconduct stops? GM seeks to hide behind the bankruptcy laws to avoid responsibility for deaths and injuries that occurred before the bankruptcy. The faulty ignition switch which was the source of the defect in their cars was known and ignored by GM’s corporate managers and engineers for years. GM chose recklessness over safety and gambled like Russian roulette with the lives and safety of its consumers. Now 10 years later after public disclosure of this corporate fraud GM seeks recalls of millions of cars that have safety defects. When will the public finally wake up and demand that GM and others be held criminally and civilly responsible for this carnage. A 35 million dollar fine by the DOT is nothing but a parking ticket. Enough is truly enough. Please send your comments.