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A group of heart surgery patients are taking Intuitive Surgical (NSDQ:ISRG) to court, claiming its da Vinci surgical robot caused metallic debris to end up in their brains after mitral valve surgery.

The complaint was filed this week in  Georgia’s Northern District Court.

Plaintiffs in the case, Gabrial Nassar Cure and Dr. Alan Kozarsky, claim that Intuitive Surgical and up to 10 John Does designed, manufactured and marketed the da Vinci device despite knowing of defects that could cause metallic microemboli in patients as a result of such surgeries, according to court documents.

Both plaintiffs underwent mitral valve surgery with the da Vinci device last year, and claim to have found evidence of metallic fragments in their brains post-surgery, attributing the microemboli to the da Vinci device.

Plaintiffs in the case claim the metallic microemboli have cause physical, neurological and mental injury, as well as emotional distress and extra medical expenses, and are looking to turn the case into a class action suit representing all patients in similar circumstances.


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