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Federal officials will not be thrown off course by the May crash of a partially automated Tesla, a top U.S. road safety official said Wednesday.

The U.S. government will continue pushing for more automation on roads and highways to try to reduce deadly human mistakes behind the wheel, according to Mark Rosekind, head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

And, within weeks, federal officials will release “guidance” to help enable the rollout of such technologies, Rosekind told industry leaders at a symposium on automated vehicles in San Francisco.

“I can tell you that no one incident will derail the Department of Transportation and NHTSA from its mission to improve safety on the roads by pursuing new lifesaving technologies,” Rosekind said. “We lost 35,200 lives on our roads last year. We are in a bad place. This is a bad situation, and we should be desperate for new tools that will help us save lives.”


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